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<aside> 🖤 Here are resources on how to get involved in Black ally communities.


<aside> 🦠 Here are some resources for life during COVID.


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This is a list of resources I highly recommend if you're looking for guidance on any of a variety of topics. You can find a lot of great material, like the books listed here, at libgen.is.

I made this guide because I've seen how broken early-career mentorship is. Too many bright and passionate people end up spinning their wheels because they haven't been exposed to/taken the time to think intentionally about what they want to do with their careers/how to think about their careers.

I might expand this with more advice, like how I use Twitter, manage my productivity, and more. You can make me write those things faster by filling out the below form and sending me an email saying you want them (or anything else!).

At a high level, I'd encourage you to be intentional about the choices you make with respect to your education and career choices. With a little effort, you can create really outsized impact on your outcomes. If you're able to supplement that with deriving your fulfillment and satisfaction around your career from things that are within your control, you can be completely in control of your own happiness and success.

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📈 General Career Advice

"Spend 80% of your job hunt preparing for the 20% of opportunities you care most about."

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